Themed Chess Sets – Dragons

Legends portray these mythical monsters which are characteristic of a snake or reptile and having huge wings. They are typically a frightening site with a crest on its head, long talons, typically bearing razor sharp teeth and flames or poison shooting from its gigantic mouth. Their bodies are covered in scales, with fear provoking eyes that burn in a red or yellow glow. It’s been used in many venues in the media, TV and movies to define one’s ‘mother-in-law’ however that’s not the context we are referring too right now.

The media has used the winged reptile image in movies such as Harry Potter as a threat and challenge to the young wizard. Then there are the simple happy dragons that will show up in children’s movies and television. These are non-threatening looking but have similar characteristic to the creatures from mythology. Is anyone old enough to remember ‘Puff the Magic Dragon?’

The themed dragon chess set has the bright mythical dragons, some with swords on the pedestals of fire going to battle with the evil, fearsome looking skeletal dragons, some carrying sickles like the grim reaper would and blue flames as if they are spewing ice. Both sides having animated features and great details will make this match up a colorful battle. This dragon themed chess set is a fun and unique way to engage in a serious game of thought and strategy, and a work of art that will certainly be a conversation piece in your home.

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