Electronic Chess Sets

Electronic chess sets

Chess is a very popular game and there are many different types of chess sets available, some are traditional wood and perhaps marble, and some are electronic chess sets. Some are also played on a computer, and so no contact is made with the chess set pieces at all. One option that is popular for chess enthusiasts is an electronic chess set. These types of chess sets offer players flexibility, to either play another opponent or play against the computer if another opponent is not available. Usually electronic chess sets give players the option of playing at an increasingly difficult level as their skills improve which is fun and convenient for players without many human competitors around at the same skill level.

Electronic chess sets come in a few basic models all with varying features and different designs. The two basic designs are table top electronic chess sets and hand held ones. Table top sets allow players to play either a human opponent or the computer and have a more classic chess feeling. There are some sophisticated and elegant wooden electronic chess sets such as the DGT Wireless Sensory Board.

Rosewood electronic chess with wireless sensory board-picture

Rosewood electronic chess with wireless sensory board

Whilst perhaps out of the reach financially for some, it is nonetheless a beautifully crafted electronic chess set that combines modern Bluetooth technology with the traditional wooden chess set.

Handheld sets play more like chess on a computer and some allow play between two people while other are limited to play against the computer. Handheld sets also allow players to play anywhere and are not restricted to the table.

For players who like the feel of a traditional game but do not always have an opponent available, a table top set is the best choice. Electronic table top sets usually range in skill level from beginner to advanced and allow players to practice, learn from their mistakes, and build their skill. Some sets will track a player’s movements and even offer feedback or will play at a set skill level according to your movements. Electronic table top sets usually offer more features than hand held ones as they have more space for more powerful computers. Some sets have features such as game recording, analysis and pre programmed openings and attacks for practice purposes.

Hand held electronic chess sets alsohave their advantages.

Electronic chess set-picture

Electronic chess set

These types of sets are very portable and allow players to enjoy a game anywhere. Because of their small size many models do not have all of the features of table top sets but some do have features such as allowing you to play against another person rather than the computer, game recording, and game feedback. Hand held models sometimes allow you to track you progress as you get better at the game and some offer pre-programmed openings and attacks to study. Some hand held sets are designed for high skill levels and others are geared for beginners, but most allow you to pick a skill level for the computer from a pre-programmed range.

No matter which type of electronic chess set you choose, a serious chess player will benefit form the learning opportunities and many features provided by these types of sets. Most will also allow players to show off their increased skill against a human opponent if they choose. Both hand held and table top versions make great gifts for avid chess players or are the perfect way for you to hone your chess skills if you do not always have someone to play with. Electronic chess sets are also a great way to learn about chess.

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