Chess Sets and Mah Jong Sets

Chess is a game of wets and has originated in India. A game played on board with 64 squares and with figurines on that board. These figurines are taller then being broad. A set with squares 5 cm width will have 95 mm tall king. The best known design for chess set is the Staunton design and named after Howard Staunton by Nathaniel Cook.

Chess Set Design

In Stanton design the chess set has to have standard measurements with each piece having measurements between a certain range. The height of king is kept between 85 mm to 105 mm. The diameter of king is around 50% of height. Size of all other pieces is kept in proportion to the size of king. Size of pieces is kept in proportion to size of king. In this design size of chessboard is made around 1.25 to 1.3 times of the base of king. The chess sets made of wood are much more common in higher level tournaments where as the sets in lower levels are made of plastic. The lighter color is always called White while darker shade is always called Black.

Usually wooden white pieces of chess set are made up of Boxwood or Maple. Black pieces are made from rosewood etc. Usually chess pieces are made on wither Lathe machines or carved by hand. Sheesham woods are best used with walnut boards as well as with Bubinga or hazelnut boards.

Choosing an Ideal Chess Set

Chess sets can be bought in either of two ways: a board with pre selected pieces or both pieces and boards being selected by you. The first thing that you need to remember is that chess sets vary in prices from being inexpensive to extremely expensive ivory sets as well. It is however advisable that you stress on quality and invest in an expensive chess set. Chess sets are passed on from generations to generations so they should be of best quality you can afford. The second aspect is Quality of chess pieces and the board. The quality should be looked at first for the King and then for other pieces. Other then right size, the finishing should be very fine.

Mah Jong Sets:

Mah Jong, a traditional game of China, known as the game of hundred traditional intelligences has been widely popular in western world as well since 1895. Mah Jong is played is played both with Cards and Tiles. Most sets come with chips or bone tiles for scoring also. Sometimes racks are also there along with the set o hold chips etc. The number of tiles in the Mah Jong sets ranges from 136 to 144 depending from where the set has been picked up. The set will also have season tiles (2 tiles), 4 “red 5” bonus tiles, 1 table wind Tessera, 4 dice, scoring tallies, and a carrying case.

The most common tiles in the set are: the Circle Suit (the ones with circles), the Bamboo (with bamboos), Character Suit (bearing Chinese characters representing ten thousand coins each), Wind Tiles (representing north, south, east and west), Dragon Tiles, Flower Tiles and Joker Tiles. The set pieces are made of Ivory, Wood, and Plastic etc. The best Mah Jong Sets come from China and are made from ivory. To but the best set, affirm the number of tiles as well as accompanying rack etc are of best quality and finesse.

Both Chess and Mah Jong sets are games of intelligence and are extremely popular all over the world. The sets for playing the game are as unique as the game itself and if you want to buy one, go for the best available sets and pieces available in the market.

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