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Video games are extremely popular, along with desires for “instant gratification”, it is very nice to know that classic board games are still desired by consumers. Thousands, and maybe millions, of chess players would suggest that chess reigns supreme as being the world’s most popular board game in the United States and around the world.

That being stated, some of the most demanding gift lists include chess sets, chess pieces, and chess related supplies. Complete chess sets, which include game pieces and a matching board, can be purchased from many suppliers online. You can find literally hundreds of attractive and coordinated looks to suit whatever style or taste one may desire when it comes to playing. Many suppliers will feature combination sets that are already properly matched, however, you might be in need of a board to play with an existing set of game pieces. In this case, here are some helpful tips to enable you to make a more accurate decision.

Scenario #1: You Already Have Chessmen and Need a Chess Board to Match:
Most websites online list the dimensions of the board including the size of the squares. The overall size of the board is important, because you will need a playing area for your board (i.e., on a coffee table, a specific chess table, or in an office, etc). A more important measurement is the size of each square. The size or diameter measurement of the base of your king is first and foremost. Once you know that number, multiply it by 4/3 or 1.33. Arriving at that figure will indicate to you what the MINIMUM size or diameter of an individual square on a board…example:

Base of the King: 1.5″ (diameter)
Minimum square size: 1.5″ x 1.33 = 1.995″
This example indicates that a board that has at least 2-inch squares would be a good fit. You certainly do not want to go any smaller than 2 inches, since that will lead to the game pieces being too close together on the board during play, resulting in moves that will rub, bump, or topple other chessmen. On the other hand, a board with squares that are quite large compared to your king base measurement, would most likely and obviously appear out of proportion.

Scenario #2: You Already Have a Chess Board and Need Chess Pieces to Match:
Another possibility, of course, is that you already possess a chess board, whether it was gifted or handed down, or maybe just borrowed, and you have no chessmen. For this decision, you should proceed in just the opposite manner of what is stated in Scenario #1 to determine the proper size. Measure the squares on your board, with that measurement, you then multiply it by ¾, or 0.75. The resulting number will give you what the LARGEST or maximum diameter should be on the king piece base of the set you may be considering buying. Again, here is a quick example:

Size of squares on your existing board: 2.5″
Maximum size or diameter of the base of the king: 2.5″ x 0.75 = 1.875″
You will want to consider at the least, a set of chessmen or chess playing pieces that have a king with a base diameter of 1.75″. Going to a king base measurement of 1.5″ would be appropriate. However, it should be obvious that the great looking set of chessmen with the 2-inch king base might be pushing it a bit.

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