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Get Out While You Can

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Get Out While You Can

Plan A – This is what we are all taught in schools about work. Sell your time by the hour – You get paid once for that work and once the time has gone it has gone forever. You need to keep working harder just to stay still.

Plan B – Find a way to produce / build / create something that generates income, time after time, over and over again. Find something that doesn’t require you to be selling your time.

“This book has really inspired me to get out while I can from what I am currently doing. I have actually bought a few of these books and given them to people I feel would benefit from what is inside it. It is a book of two halves really, the first part show you WHY you should get out, and the second half shows you multiple ways of the HOW you can follow the success. It is written in a very easy to understand way, with some very funny parts in it. HIGHLY recommended as essential reading. They should teach us this stuff in schools, yet if they did that there would be chaos!

“The good thing about this book is that it holds your hand all the way. It really is a blueprint which shows you how to get out while you can. If you follow the advice and work through the process of making Plan B a reality, then this book could well be the best investment you will ever make.” –Kay McMahon,”

If you are serious about escaping the rat race, or you just want to make some extra money on the side, then I would highly recommend you buy Get Out While You Can.” –John Crickett, Business Opportunities And Ideas
As an example, chess sets can be a piece of cardboard and have plastic pieces on it. OR it can be a hand carved crafted piece of craftmans’ skill that is both exquisite to look at as well as to use.

Or there may be something else that is interesting to you, maybe a handbag that is hard to find, or it could be a Wedgewood piece, or even some interesting and crazy gadgets that may have an interest for you. It will all be here..

There may be a solution to your solar power question that saves you having to find a solution, or a solution to sort out a present for a special person in your life.

You may need s solution to find some Fast cash perhaps, well we may have a solution to your problem there too.

We have it all, and more…

All of our products are found through reputable companies that are household established names. Amazon, PC World, House of Fraser, Wedgewood, Red letter days and many more.


First of all here is one item about lovely chess sets.

The Combatant Staunton Budrosewood Chess Set is the latest design from the English Chess Company. A Staunton design with traditional and contemporary styling for a unique and beautiful chess set. The knights mane and head collar are the stunning features on this set. Beautifully hand carved.

The King stands at 4.25″ with a base diameter of 1.75″ . The set falls into the category of Triple weighted.

Only genuine sets bear the manufacturers hallmarks ; such as the Kings base pads have the company logo printed in a Gold colour, and a genuine manufacturers certificate of authenticity with embossed Company seal.

The UK is not in any way affiliated to the UK Treasury. They spend your money, we save you money and time.

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